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my lifes such pain

aizen is real mad at me again because he says i dont give as good of blowjobs as the breastless ho does. i dont know what he expects me to do, its not like i dont try as hard as i can.

i wish i had just stayed in soul society. at least rangiku mightve given me a blowjob, now i just get to get bitched at all the time cuz aizens realizing it was stupid to stab the ho. i think its just stupid that he didnt kill her. i wouldve killed her a long time ago.

i miss my girlfriends.i bet they dont even miss me. i bet no one misses me and everybody says gin is real evil when its not like that at all. i didnt want to come but aizen said evil overlords get all the ladies. thats just a big lie. i havent gotten any ladies, not even ulquiorra, cuz aizens to busy bringing him in for "special sessions."

maybe if i got rid of one of my eyes, aizen would like me better. i mean, maybe he wouldnt make me wear the hobag all the time. it makes it real hard to breathe anyway and maybe thats why he says i cant give good blowjobs. i mean isnt paper real harsh on that? i wouldnt know cuz aizen wont wear the kirabag or the rangikubag. i think thats not fair but im not the one who makes the rules.

lifes not fair. i wish i was really dead. id do it and i wouldnt do any of that gigai stuff that aizen did. but i guess he didnt really care if he was dead or not cuz hes not totally alone and misunderstood.
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