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my lifes such pain [06 Jan 2006|09:43pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

aizen is real mad at me again because he says i dont give as good of blowjobs as the breastless ho does. i dont know what he expects me to do, its not like i dont try as hard as i can.

i wish i had just stayed in soul society. at least rangiku mightve given me a blowjob, now i just get to get bitched at all the time cuz aizens realizing it was stupid to stab the ho. i think its just stupid that he didnt kill her. i wouldve killed her a long time ago.

i miss my girlfriends.i bet they dont even miss me. i bet no one misses me and everybody says gin is real evil when its not like that at all. i didnt want to come but aizen said evil overlords get all the ladies. thats just a big lie. i havent gotten any ladies, not even ulquiorra, cuz aizens to busy bringing him in for "special sessions."

maybe if i got rid of one of my eyes, aizen would like me better. i mean, maybe he wouldnt make me wear the hobag all the time. it makes it real hard to breathe anyway and maybe thats why he says i cant give good blowjobs. i mean isnt paper real harsh on that? i wouldnt know cuz aizen wont wear the kirabag or the rangikubag. i think thats not fair but im not the one who makes the rules.

lifes not fair. i wish i was really dead. id do it and i wouldnt do any of that gigai stuff that aizen did. but i guess he didnt really care if he was dead or not cuz hes not totally alone and misunderstood.

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[fic] one-line exchange bout (danger! porn! excitement!) [15 Sep 2005|08:29pm]

[ mood | amused ]

HELLO. omg any lack of updates --> my fault (have not been on trillian like once I was, GREETINGS SCHOOL, other excuses, etc.). BUT TODAY WE HAVE A SPECIAL:

FIC (one-liners). DO YOU FEEL THE PARTY IN YOUR PANTS LIKE I DO? *thumbs up!*

Since this is intended to be a fic-post, I editted out the witty conversation that bridged most of these, but never fear! I'm certain Boob Survivors Anonymous will appear here sooner or later. Because nothing is funnier than Ichigo's ABSOLUTE TERROR when faced with the power of breasts. WHAT YOU KNOW IT OKAY GEEZ (srsly).

Notes: thing what started this, inadvertently, would be halcyonjazz's marvelous Ukitake and Shunsui art here. The Aizen/Momo au in question a few bits in autophanous' wip, here at her writing lj theyellowvespa, and I highly recommend reading it. <3 It's a lovely, wonderful piece and I love it to pieces omg and every one of you needs to read it now and be like MEM YOU WERE SO RIGHT but more importantly comment with OMG I LOVE IT and EREE WRITE MORE PLZ and then if you're very nice, offer her naughty favors. Yes. <3

Warnings: gay gay gay, a burst of Ichigo/Rukia in response to 195, and uh, spoilers for 195 in general. OKAY LET'S GO.

memlu: (ps, have you seen chira's lovely new drawing?)
memlu: (it makes me happy.)
autophanous: (yesssssssssss)
autophanous: (need more shunsui)
memlu: (and imagine ukitake and shunsui drunk in hawaii, picking up babes.)
autophanous: (ahahahahahahahahaHA)
autophanous: (WRITE IT PLS)
memlu: (WTF)
memlu: (OK)Collapse )

autophanous: (I love this stuff :D)
memlu: (ahaha i love this, too. XD i feel productive!)
autophanous: (it will have to be a habit!)
memlu: (YES)

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[22 Aug 2005|06:13pm]

a timeless tragedy
by William "Your Momma" Shakespeare


GIN, a sexual pariah and baby-eater
AIZEN, a gentleman and owner of bitches
HANATAROU, an unwitting poker prize and social commentary
RANGIKU, a suspected harlot

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